Thursday, July 30, 2009

Little models......

I have been asked recently to post some pictures of little ones wearing my bows, so as I try to gather images I will post them here :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Customers Special & New Items

BOWS: Buy 1 get 1 1/2off special on the first purchase!!!! The freebie must be equal to or lesser value. :) great price for a matching piggy tail set! :)

Watch for my new Etsy shop posting I will be opening soon!!!

Did you know I make bow boards? Look how cute!!!

Here are some new items I will be making and selling and I would love to customize with child names or last names or sayings... I will leave it up to your imagination!!!










Home Decor Price List

Prices depend on the number of LETTERS in the word or phrase you want, email me to find out exact details. On average it's around $2.00 a letter... with discounts when you get 4 or more letters.

The one block words like "DREAM" & "HOPE" are not based on "per letter" prices because there is less wood work involved. :)

All items are hand painted, sanded and stained to seal.

Watch for upcoming Holiday designs!!!