Saturday, August 15, 2009

Price list


Ribbon Lined clips range from $4.00 for a set of 6 clips to $6.00 for a set of six,
depending on the ribbon choices

Small Scrunchie clips $1.50
or two toned for $1.65

Simple Clips: $1.50 each
or a set for $2.50

Bitty bows: $2.00 each
or a set for $3.50 (large quantity discounts)

Small Pigtail layered bow: $4.00 each
or a set for $7.50

Medium Scrunchie Clips: 1.50 each

Medium bows: $3.00 each
or a set for $5.50

Medium layered bow: $ 6.50 each

Large Scrunchie clips are $1.50 each

Large Bows: $4.00 each
or a set for $7.50
Large Two toned bow $4.50 each
or a set for $ 8.00

Large layered bow:$7.50 each

Xtra Large Layered STACKED bow $9.99 each

MTM bows- are slightly higher, contact me for information.

*Add a bow center for .50-5.50 each depending on style*

Crocheted 1.5 inches: $2.00 each (or add one to a bow order for $1.00)
Crocheted 3 inches $2.50 each
Stretch Lace 1/2 inch: $1.50 each
Stretch Lace 3/4 inch: $1.75 each

Infant Waffle Crocheted 5 inches: $5.50 each
Toddler Crocheted Kufi hats: $5.50 each

I have pictures of all the ribbon I currently have in stock, if you want something custom, that is GREAT! Email me for more info!

Thank you!!

**prices are subject to change at any time**