Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SALE time!!!

It's been a while, figured I'd better update you all! :)
I have been super busy living in my parents basement, it's crazy because we are squeezing in the house with 4 other adults... and this past weekend my sisters family moved in, making the house a grand total of 15 people. :D But I thought you'd like to know, we are MOVING soon!!! Which means SALE!!! I don't know if it will be a moving sale, or a grand re-opening sale, but either way SALE! :)

Not sure what you want to see on sale, but thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and update the blog with some Layered Bows pictures... one of the most popular things I make! :)

So hopefully I can figure out our exact moving date, but for now... Just wanted to tease you with a sale! :) I am super excited to get my own craft space and get started creating again! :)

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