Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Bow of the Month game, who's with me???



Ok, everyone I thought of a new game to play and it works best if we play on the blog.
It would be BOW OF THE MONTH game each month we would ask for suggestions on color combos, or patterns or what layered bow you would like to see... (i.e. polka dot, cow print, stripes, pink and blue, purple polka, damask etc...)

Then we would tally the votes and the MOST chosen idea will be the bow of the month- anyone who chose that color combo can buy the bow for a special low price, or anyone who wants to pre-order the bow before it's made can have the same low price. (price depends on size you want- small, med, large) Then I make a ton of them, and put them up for all to order at reg price. :)

who's in???


TO PLAY leave your comment here, I moderate comment so no one can cheat and I can tally it all up! :) Thanks

*comment up to 3 times!

maybe if we get a ton of entrys whoever was the first to pick the combo in the end that wins can get a freebie? Lets get lots of players!

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Jaina's Mom said...

I would like to see a Fall Themed bow, 3 layers, brown polka dot, orange and yellow with Fall colored leaves.

Magan Miles said...

I think you should try to get some ribbon that has characters on them. Ones like wow wow wubbzy or spongebob or something of that sort. of the Kelly Twins said...

Not sure if this is exactly what I am supposed to be commenting but I would love to see an Irish bow combo.
Or origin bows.
Orange Green White - ireland
red green white - italy
red white blue - usa
.... and so on

Wendy said...

Color combo purple and yellow..

Anonymous said...

I love the bow that you have posted here but, the combo that I am thinking of is cow print with hot pink accents and a little cow head in the middle.
I was wondering too if we're allowed to post more than one combo if we think of more??

The Kelsch Family said...

Because I am of Irish origin, I'd like to see shamrocks! Layered bow and maybe a pigtail set with Green, white (maybe with green shamrocks print on it) and gold. I always buy a cute Irish themed outfit when I see one!

Alicia said...

halloween theme, orange and white w/ pumpkins. Or anything cupcake b/c I am a sucker for cupcakes.

Kendall said...

I want a turquise blue bow(same color as in pic) with pink ribbon with white polka dots on it and then a few zebra curly peices of ribbon in the middle just 2 iches curled about 5 peices!

my email if I