Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bow of the month OCTOBER

Taking opinions and votes for bow of the month for OCT, leave your comment here OR HERE.

Remember anyone who picks the winning combo gets a discount off the featured bow, also anyone who votes is able to preorder the bow at a discount also. :)


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reminder and idea

check out bow of the month HERE if you haven't already mention what combos you want to see it's a way to get me to give you a deal on the color combos you NEED.

Need help being creative, think of the month it's for or ahead a month, think of holidays, or go glance in your dd's closet!!! Remember that I LOVE all comments so if you can't think of a color that's ok, just post that you love me and that counts :)

I will post a area to vote up on the top of the blog (right side) to vote also so I can post the newest updates! :)

AND remember to check the FB page for READY TO SHIP ITEMS I update it as often as I can and It doesn't always announce it . :)

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